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Oct 27, 2012 6:30pm EDT
it was not really believed it was. now it is just i have shown vulnerabilities in the iphone, have shown a tax where i could send a text message to the iphone and taken over. these are all fixed now. part of the contest is all of these areas are fixed. it is a fun way to show what skills and everybody gets protected by the attacks we come up with. >> how long did it take you to break into the iphone and from where did you do it? an office, where? >> the iphone attack, at the contest it only took a few seconds, but the preparation is the important part. it took me maybe a month of preparation with a colleague of mine. a few weeks of looking for a vulnerability, a few weeks before digging into that vulnerability and exploiting it to attack the iphone. the actual contest took place at a security conference in vancouver. i was actually physically in vancouver and they had and i found there. i attacked it and stole a bunch of data off of it and that was the proof i had succeeded. >> charlie miller, could you do this from your living room? could you break into a bank, break into other devices from your li
Oct 29, 2012 8:00am EDT
, the cleverness and the way of evading tax are improving faster on the good side of things. and of course that is very troubling in part because when you boil it all down, no one still fully understands what happens when billions of people and billions of devices interact in cyberspace and the bad guy takes advantage of those clouds. >> host: charlie miller what is your message to congress to the department of homeland security and to dod? >> guest: well, i guess it would be that we spend a lot of time, we are a lot better than we were 10 years ago. we are less vulnerable in the software is a lot better and we have a lot more protections built-in so if you want to run a company and keep out damage we know how to do that but we don't know how to do is secure via no military systems against attacks by other governments. so well funded, very very smart hack or is still can do that and we don't going to do with that right now. we need to figure out whether it's vendor attacks are building defenses and we need to figure out how to defend against sophisticated tax which is something we don't go
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2